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Mobile World Congress in Verse


Next week, from Monday, I will be in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress, the largest event for the mobile communications industry, but, increasingly for the Internet of Things and advanced technology communities. I am expecting the usual endless walks from one hall to the other. But, this time, I will look at the MWC also from a policy point of view. On this site, I will share my impressions and ideas in a sort of diary. For the moment, I put in rhymes what I believe I will see.

An Ode to MWC

What will there be at MWC?

ask Artificial Intelligence to see.

We will discuss and debate connectivity,

and the pros and cons of 5G.

There will be long range and short,

both regulated and free.

And data, both big and small,

good for video and monitoring your hall.

Multiple platforms will come to the fray,

with all the stack, just some layers or plug and play.

And all for the God of IoT,

more than just a connected cup of tea.

But be aware, oh engineer,

not all is understood by your peers.

Not all is safe and sound,

and security guidelines should be bound.

So roll up, roll up for MWC,

and more surprises that we cannot foresee.