The EU RED (Radio Equipment Directive) comes into life next June. The RED comes in for substituting the R+TTE, which is the previous EU directive on radio equipment in place since 2000. In some sense, it is not really a substitution, but an evolution of the R+TTE in light of technological innovation. In fact, elements of the R+TTE have been included in the RED. The RED was voted in 2014 by the European Parliament and officially in place in 2016. A transition period was conceded from June 2016 to June 2017. There is some anxiety among vendors about the coming deadline. Some organisations such as ETSI are discussing with the European Commission for postponing the deadline. Probably, there will be no concession, but, vendors should be vigilant in understanding the progress of that attempt.  REDCA, an industry-related association focussed on RED (, is the most appropriate place to understand more about RED.


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