This morning, Satoshi Nakamoto should be happy. His or her creation has entered the door of finance through the quotation at the Chicago Boards Option Exchange. Probably, he or she feels accomplished looking at the sea through his yatch knowing that can now buy more yatch. Or, instead, looking himself or herself at the mirror is raising some questions like: is Bitcoin today what I envisaged about at the time of my famous paper? How would I like to see Satoshi Nakamoto, today? I would like to think that he or she is the second one. The one who has doubts about the current situation. The one who thinks that the cryptocurrency fever has moved the attention from the enormous potential applications of blockchain technology towards an exclusive tool for making money for very few skilled individuals. I think the second Satoshi Nakamoto sees technology as an experience to face and solve human problems. And, blockchain technology, and also the cryptocurrency part of it, has some tremendous potential for that. But, the Bitcoin fever has overshadowed that. Very few are interested in blockchain technology for Electronic Medical Records! A lot of people are interested in investing and return! I was the Chairperson at the Blockchain Summit in London at the end of November. There was a member of the audience asking a presenter from Bosch, discussing his experience with blockchain technology, if those projects were associated to a specific ICO. That tells a lot about where the attention is. At the Summit, the most attended sessions in my room were the ones about cryptocurrencies a part from a session on regulation. There was very little mentions on privacy. No one expressed concerned about cryptocurrencies in the hands of organised crime. There was a sort of general dream about the yatch I can buy next summer for cruising offshore in the Aegean Sea looking at the beautiful Santorini with my fellow friend, the first personality of Satoshi Nakamoto!

Motor Yacht Katara

Perhaps, I am just envious because I do not have the courage to embrace this new wave. I hide myself behind excuses and conjectures. And, probably, the second personality Satoshi Nakamoto has never existed. Satoshi Nakamoto is only and only one and he or she wanted all this and he or she has it now. Tomorrow,  in the sea of Santorini, he or she will take sime time to think at what else to do with the blockchain technology!


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