Developing an IoT solution is a journey, which destination is not often the ultimate one. The destination becomes a moment of appreciation of the achievements and the instigation for a new journey. The destination is the output of the IoT solution. The appreciation of that output is the result of what the data gathered has revealed for the objectives of the organisation. And, that data is also the instigation for exploring something better or, even, something completely new. At the end of that journey, the traveller has changed. He or she appreciates enormously that change and he or she feels that more can be achieved. But, this concatenation of journeys is not a solitary experience. It requires several tools and those tools are provided by different travelling companions. Those tools are all unique and necessary, but, there is one that enables the travellers to move from one journey to the others. That tool is the IoT platform and its various services. Due to the various services needed, there could be not just one IoT platform companion, but, different of them specialised in different services. Probably, a companion able to integrate the different contributions is also necessary. You are not travelling alone! But, how do we select our fellow travellers? There are many ready for the quest, some of them offering sophisticated specialisation, others offering solutions able to sustain the entire expedition and the needs of that expedition. Probably, the latter will bring friends with them, simply because a solitary journey is difficult for them too. All those promising fellow travellers will interest you because they all present various degree of innovation and valuable capabilities. But, all of them have elements or weaknesses that can be unsuitable during the journey or making the journey a bit more difficult. You cannot perform the optimal choice, but, certainly, the sub-optimal one that will guide you along the journey. But, even the sub-optimal choice requires knowledge of the potential partners and what they offer. The creation of that knowledge is a step-by-step process. Your IoT solution journey requires the exploration of the landscape of IoT platform partners to see who will help you reaching the destination. The first step of this investigation is reducing a landscape of more than 450 potential partners into a short list of candidates. The short list is made of organisations that can support you because they offer the technological tools you are looking for and they have experience in your application domain and sector. A deep technological assessment and business evaluation is then necessary to identify the final candidate or final candidates. In fact, it is important to bear in mind that, even, at the end of the journey, you could still have several companions. That is perfectly fine. That is called ecosystem and without that, developing an IoT solution could become an endless Odyssey. Despite representing the human curiosity and travelling as a way of satisfying that curiosity, also Odysseus at some point wanted to reach his destination. Certainly, adopters cannot allow years of travelling for reaching the final  destination just for satisfying curiosity, but, selecting the IoT platform is an important journey to take. It should not be a plug and play exercise. It should require time and thinking because the IoT platform will become the compass of your future IoT journeys.



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