Projects and Roles

Lead Expert at EU-funded Project Digital Cities Challenge (

Lead IoT Expert for ( [Blockchain, AI and the IoT]

Annual Seminar Lecturer on the Impact of Emerging Technologies for Management, Innovation, and Policy at School of Management, Informatics and Economics, Birkbeck College

Strategy Advisor in the areas of telecoms and the IoT for IoT Analytics and IntentHQ

Recent Business Publications

Romeo, S. 2019. The Role of Blockchain in the IoT Vision. IoT Analytics (Forthcoming)

Romeo, S. Cory, T. 2017. The Sustainable Way to Food. The impact of IoT in Agriculture. Beecham Research.

Romeo, S. 2017. IoT Platforms – The Experience of IoT Adopters from Smart Cities to the Industrial Internet. Beecham Research.

Romeo, S. 2017. Global Assessment of the IoT Connectivity Market. Beecham Research

Romeo, S., Cory, T. 2016. Enabling Smart Agriculture through the Internet of Things. Beecham Research and Libelium

Romeo, S. 2016. Wearable Technologies in Public Safety: The Dominant Role of Police Body Worn Cameras. Beecham Research

Romeo, S. Cory, T. 2016. Smart City Platforms. Beecham Research

Academic Publications

Romeo, S and Lawton Smith, H. 2017. ‘The Biotechnology System in Oxfordshire: A long history’ in “Handbook of Research on Global Competitive Advantage through Innovation and Entrepreneurship” in Handbook of Research on Global Competitive Advantage through Innovation and Entrepreneurship. IGI Global

Romeo, S. (2016). ‘Looking for a Compass for Navigating the IoT Platform Landscape’, IEEE Internet of Things Newsletter Available on-line

Lawton Smith, H and Romeo, S (2015) ‘Regional environments and sector developments: the biotech sector in Oxfordshire’ Journal of the Knowledge Economy Available on-line. 10.1007/s13132-015-0303-2

Lawton Smith, H, Chapman, D, Wood, P, Barnes, T and Romeo, S (2014) ‘Entrepreneurial academics and regional innovation systems: the case of spin-offs from London’s universities’ Environment and Planning C 32, 341-359

Lawton Smith, H and Romeo, S (2013) ‘Business Networking in Oxfordshire: scope and regional dynamics’ Chapter 5 in C.Karlsson, B. Johansson and R. Stough (eds) Entrepreneurial Knowledge, Technology and the Transformation of Regions London:Routledge 97-117